Beyond the Label of Autism

The mission of Beyond the Label is to be a family’s first resource when their child is diagnosed. By providing evidenced-based ABA treatment, we aim to focus on the individual’s strengths and challenges to move beyond the child’s label. We see beyond these labels to shape our treatment approach:
Learn Appropriate Behaviors in all Environments and Live Socially.

About Us

1be•yond the la•bel – Pinpointing treatment to move past the patient’s diagnosis in order to maximize each individual’s potential since 2013! Our team and services come directly to your family in your home and community settings! We proudly serve ages up to 26 years old across central and southeastern Indiana, central Ohio, and northern Kentucky regions! We also offer a clinic-based model for families in or surrounding Shelby County, Indiana!

Our Services

Incorporating scientifically-based techniques systematically to improve each patient’s progress through the most effective and optimal treatment practice.